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Dr. Donna's media work includes:

"GRACE & SPACE" - @RVN_TV Show Host 

CNN's Raising America - Interviewee

Wells Fargo Bank -Keynote Speaker 

Viacom - Interviewee and Professional Development

PBS - Screening of Colored My Mind Documentary

Aspire TV - Screening of Colored My Mind Movie

CentricTV (now BETher) - Interviewee 

KCLS - Interviewee

Delta Airlines - Interviewee and Professional Development 

San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center - Guest Host

LA CARE - Guest Speaker


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Featured Videos

CNN Raising America

Consulting Education

Dr. Donna's passionate enthusiasm and knowledge is evident as panelist or Television guest. Her encouraging message conveys hope by the restoration and repair of lost dreams. Audiences enjoy her informative teaching, educational expertise, warming personality and kindly sense of humor.

Colored My Mind Trailer

Championing Disabilities Awareness

Donna is co-produced and staring in "Colored My Mind: Diagnosis" an Autism Awareness documentary made with friends Tisha Campbell-Martin and LaDonna Hughley. The award winning short-film, addresses the disparity in diagnosis and need for early access to interventions, therapies and resources in underserved communities.

Career Talks ~ Dr. D. Marie

Conversations & Coaching

Light-hearted and engaging, Dr. Donna's signature interviews are especially entertaining and informative. Guest and audiences alike connect to her infectious personality on subjects varying from Parties to Politics ~ conversations are encouraging and enlightening. See her YouTube Channel to learn more.

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Thought provoking interviews with the nation’s leading experts, newsmakers and influencers on education, special ed, career advancement and more. Follow and listen to Dr. Donna on:

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